Introducing…Dan Black!

Dan Black is an up-and-coming sort of artiste. He has a sexy kind of voice, and consequently, a sexy kind of face. This is him:

Sassy. His first single is called “HYPNTZ”. If you’ll notice, there are no vowels in this title, suggesting that the song should be pronounced “hip-nits.” Part RiRi‘s “Umbrella,” part Starman soundtrack, and most parts a cover of Notorious B.I.G.‘s “Hypnotize,” “Hip-Nits” is a clusterfuck of choral brilliance, hipster tongue-in-chic, and loads of astro noise. It all sounds quite nice in my head.

Now listen to it set to moving image. You’ll notice the budget on this video was notably higher than the latest Danity Kane release. Shame.

Then there is the single’s b-side, “These Things Take Time,” which is probably just as good. It’s a cover of The Smiths‘ “These Things Take Time,” coupled with a certain Timbaland song sample that you may recognize. This sample is from 2006 however, which means that you’ll encounter feelings of nostalgia rather than nausea, because a Timbaland beat was still precious and new to us in those innocent times.

Black’s people have allowed us two free downloads of his latest single, so he must be sort of a nice guy, yes? Yes. I like him.

DL: Dan Black – HYPNTZ
DL: Dan Black – These Things Take Time

Check out Dan Black and his sick, sick tunage at his musical MySpace here.

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