Lost In My Bedroom Sky Ferreira

As promised to us on Twitter last week, indie-pop darling Sky Ferreira has just debuted the accompanying video for her fantastically moody Ghost EP electro throbber, “Lost In My Bedroom”–and it’s just what I imagined.

The clip, which was shot by Grant Singer (who also directed the video for “Everything is Embarrassing”) is a hazy blend of grainy, lo-fi ‘home video’-esque visuals and flashing lights. (No, really, lots of lights–to the point where there’s an epilepsy viewer discretion at the start of the video, Pokemon style.)

Watch as the gorgeous songstress smolders, broods and tosses ’round her disheveled locks in front of trippy wall projections, eerily pops up within the fuzz-filled monitors of old television screens (very Poltergeist) and takes a dip in some dark, murky waters. (If that’s really her bedroom, I can only begin to imagine what the bathroom looks like.)

The haunted video’s sort of like something you might find in a ‘found footage’ horror movie, leading up to a killer ghost or a violent zombie outbreak. It’s also kind of like the cursed VHS tape in The Ring, so be sure to show this to a friend or two to guarantee your safety. I mean it! You don’t think I’m serious?

Fine. But don’t blame me if Sky comes crawling out of your computer monitor in 7 days.

Ghost was released on October 16. (iTunes)