That Lana Del Reign just won’t let up.

She might be hard at work in the studio right now crafting what’s bound to be a most immaculate soundtrack for the upcoming Baz Luhrmann-directed Great Gatsby adaptation (the new Moulin Rouge? Possibly maybe!), but Lana Del Rey still found time recently to sneak away and shoot a video for her Paradise iTunes-only bonus track, “Burning Desire.”

Granted, this isn’t really a proper music video: Lana’s got to earn those dollars to afford all those trips to the Hamptons with her bad baby by her heavenly side, which is why the video is–more or less–a long-form commercial for Jaguar’s F-Type series. (You know, a glamorous sports car or whatever.)

Set in an empty concert hall, the stunning songstress turns on the worldweary lounge singer mystique and croons her broody, brilliant tune for all of us in a simple white gown. Along the way, we’re treated to plenty of shots of the Jaguar in action, as well as cuts of Old Hollywood flicks and vintage advertisements—a lovely nod to her signature cut-‘n’-splice aesthetic a la “Video Games,” and a reminder that, ultimately, this is still a Lana Del Rey production.

See that? No epic story line, no major production—and yet, still leaps and bounds ahead of the pop flops in her midst.

The Paradise EP was released on November 13. (iTunes)