Everyone loves a good rih-interpretation.

And no artist seems to be acting as more of a muse for the pop world lately than Illuminati Instagram Queen, Navy Commander and #PhuckYoFeelings Pot Pop Princess herself, Miss RiRi Fenty.

Earlier this week, UK soul songstress Jessie Ware (of Devotion, one of 2012’s greatest albums) took RiRi’s “Diamonds” to task during BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. And, shocking no one, it’s stunning: Ware’s rich vocals do justice (and then some) to the Sia-penned Unapologetic mega-ballad, stripping away the drama of the original and turning it into a The XX-esque blend of pensive, lo-fi instrumentation and nearly-whispered loveliness.

Meanwhile, across the world, Adam Lambert‘s just kicked off an intimate mini-tour across Asia and Europe happening over the next few weeks (which he’s dubbed the We Are Glamily Tour…so there’s that.) Last night was the glam-rocker’s first night out in Seoul, where he covered RiRi’s chilling confessional: “Stay.”

We already know he’s got the powerhouse chops to howl out those ridiculous high notes, so it’s nice to hear a more restrained, vulnerable Lambert in action. His live cover is absolutely gorgeous, and just as crushing as the original. Let’s hope for a studio version at some point, yes?

So who’s up next to take an Unapologetic track for a spin? Perhaps Justin Timberlake could put his flair on “Get It Over With.” Or maybe Taylor Swift wants to give “Loveeeeeee Song” a go.

Lord knows, I’m sure Godney is already preparing her very own “Pour It Up (Ratchetney Remix)” right now.

Unapologetic was released on November 19. (iTunes)