Bey’s In The Trap: Beyonce Returns With “Bow Down/I Been On”

Bow Down Beyonce


Beyoncé‘s back—and this time, she’s delivering a royal ass whoopin’ from the throne.

“I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world/Don’t forget it, respect that/Bow down bitches,” Bey snarls above skittish, Hit-Boy produced trap beats (not unlike the sound of Miss RiRi‘s latest rih-lease, Unapologetic.) “I took some time out to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife/Don’t get it twisted…this my shit/Bow down bitches.”

Halfway through, the track transitions into a tripping taunt, as Bey’s voice gets inexplicably pitched down into demon territory (#ARTPOP) while she confidently brag-raps her way through, complete with almighty operatic runs in the background. “The capital B means I’m ’bout that life,” she declares. Nicki might need to invest in some wig fasteners, cause Bey’s spitting hot fiya. (And, oh yes, it’s really Beyoncé–the Beyhive created a pitched-down version already.)

New music was long overdue, seeing as she’s spent the first quarter of 2013 promoting nothing but, well, her own existence. But what’s she so pressed about? Journalists? The Haters in general? Rita Ora? Azealia Banks? Pillow baby rumors? Michelle Williamsreign? Does she not like her kisses down low? Or is this just another shout-out to La Toya, Latavia and Farrah? Probably that.

There’s no way “Bow Down” is a proper single–it’s too brief, disjointed and ‘out there’ to be anything more than a “buzz track.” It’s also not really “a song.” But it does potentially signal that Bey’s in the trap for her next album, or at least heading to the street (her “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” moment, if you will), and serves as a nice warm-up to the hotly rumored, almost-definitely-real “Ratchet” with Lady Gaga.

Is it a groundbreaking sound for mainstream pop right now? No, not really. Nicki already brought us to the trap last year, and Rihanna’s already poured it up with Unapologetic. Even Gaga’s been dipping her disco stick in these beats lately.

Still, I do like this Beyoncé. Angryoncé. Cockyoncé. Divayoncé. It’s…


As for that cover art? See ya, lessers.

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