It’s A*M*E time!

The London-based teenage songstress first made her big, bouncy splash into the British pop scene last September with her K-Pop happy, Madonna name-dropping ’80’s electro-pop debut, “Play The Game Boy.”

Having since peaked at #1 in April with her throbbing Duke Dumont early ’90’s collaboration “Need U (100%)” (which was co-penned by MNEK), the BBC Sound of 2013 finalist is now signed with Epic/Sony and working hard on her major label debut, due out sometime later this year.

But first, her long, long long awaited follow-up has finally arrived: “Heartless.”

A*M*E’s effusive “Play The Game Boy” follow-up picks up the pace of her debut’s confident strut, heading onto the floor for a flirtation with the oh-so-trendy big room beats of today’s EDM scene. But fear not, because it’s no trend-hopper: Armed with a razor-sharp, anthemic chorus (“Don’t you leave me in the darkness — no, don’t you be so heartless!”) and an unbelievably infectious melody that could easily come from a 2NE1 or Girls’ Generation smash (“La-la-la-la-la-la!”), the track is purely the stuff of electro-pop euphoria.

The video for “Heartless” picks up where “Play The Game Boy” left off visually, as the pint-sized pop princess playfully vogues and flaunts for the camera amidst a colorful array of futuristic go-go dancers, a massive heart stolen straight off the set of “Moulin Rouge” and some seriously large shoulder pads that would have Gaga gagging. There’s also some glam shots and choreography aplenty — think Rihanna‘s least lazy hip swiveling meets the Macarena — rounding off what should easily be another chart-topping smash for a pop star who is very, very much on the brink of big things.

Go A*M*E, go!

“Heartless” will be released on July 14. (iTunes UK)

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