While taking a short break from the endless back arching, Queen Kelendria Rowland took to Twitter this afternoon to court her adoring fanbase and thank them (me) for their fervent “Kisses Down Low” promotional efforts. (Did you know? #BuyKissesDownLowOniTunes.)

And then, as she was signing off, Rowlegend casually blessed her fanbase by giving us all an official name.

Now, there’s lots of names that could have been thrown around: The Kissers. The Commanders. The Work (Freemason Remixers). But no–she went ahead and outdid every other pop chanteuse in the game (including one-off songstress Amber Rose and her army of mighty Rosebuds):

Rowland Stones.




The Rowland Stones (n.) – A group of commanders and grown ass women who seek to advance the promotional efforts of Miss Kelendria Rowlegend. They prefer their kisses down low, their drinks to be served with ice, and their work to be done with motivation (feat. Lil Wayne). They wear their rose colored glasses at night, always allow love to take over and are truly down for whatever.

Upon seeing the tweet, Keri Hilson has reportedly rushed down to a local FedEx to begin sending care packages filled with Kerimel Kisses to her base. However, as we know, a vast majority of the Keri Krew was lost at sea following a tragic Keri Ferry mishap off the coast of Nigeria last year in an attempt to attend a No Boys Allowed promotional concert.

This date will forever live in infamy.


“Kisses Down Low” was released on February 1. (iTunes)