JoJo Stays Fly As She Wanna Be in “Andre” Video, Remains Cooler Than A Mother


Queen JoJo‘s latest serving of sonic slayage–the luscious Agápē mixtape, released back in December–found the songstress vibin’ to ambient grooves and futuristic R&B sounds.

And now, we’ve been gifted the Embryo-directed clip for “Andre,” an ode to a fly guy inspired by Outkast‘s own Andre 3000, and one of the standouts from the sessions.

Our girl’s looking ten shades of gorgeous throughout (duh), as she swoons all over her artsy beau in a downtown LA apartment. Like, there’s some serious swoonage action: She’s trying on his clothes, creeping him out from the windowsill and getting all smiley by herself in an alleyway. Some might even call it borderline stalker status, but like Queen Jo, I too am a sucker for a guy with a beautiful mind…so I get it.

Eventually, Andre takes us all to his art showing to unveil his newest work. No spoilers, but let’s just say: He better put that shit on eBay soon, because I’ve got the perfect spot to hang that masterpiece in my living room.

The songstress then spends the duration of the clip keeping it cute and pulling funny faces with all her grown and sexy friends (including “Lolita” Leah LaBelle!)—and squeezes in a little cutesy time with her Andre, too. (Also: God, he’s cute. Don’t let him go, Jo!)


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