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Madonna, Queen Of Pop, continues to find new and important ways to reinvent herself and promote the #RevolutionOfLove…which is why we now have Sock Bitch.

Sock Bitch, a sock who also happens to be a bitch (the MDNA arm sock, is it?), is a nosey mega-fan who somehow sneakily snuck into Madge’s boudoir to inquire about her upcoming 2015 Rebel Heart Tour, which kicks off in Miami in August. (I’ll be there!)

We were first introduced to Sock Bitch last night in a series of Louvre-worthy photographs: “Bitch you’re a sock!” and “Where did my sock bitch go?” But now, she’s really taking us there.

This morning, Madge posted a video of herself eating fancy macaroons in her bed while wearing an anal bead necklace, as Madge does. That is, until she was rudely interrupted…by Sock Bitch.

“Who are you?”
“I hear you’re going on tour!”
“Bitch, I’m a sock!”
“What are you doing in my bedroom?”
“I’m excited about your tour, Rebel Heart!”
“Yeah, what about it?”
“Well, what city are you gonna go to?”

“Find out what happens with #SockBitch on my #facebook page…” her Holiness promises within the video’s caption. Still nothing there, although I wait with bated breath…and a severe distrust for the gym socks hanging out of my dresser.

UPDATE: The full duel has arrived on M’s Facebook, and we now know Sock Bitch’s weakness: Cookies.

Bitch, it’s a world tour. I’ll be everywhere. Here, have a cookie.

Perhaps that fall did more damage than we initially thought.