Late last year, Utada Hikaru made a surprise return from her now 3-year hiatus from the industry (GUH) with a brand new release: “Sakura Nagashi,” the theme song to Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Re-Do. But she made it clear from the get-go: She’s not returning to music—yet.

That being said, she might be tippy toeing (REFERENCE) her way back later in 2013.

On Friday, Hikki tweeted that she’ll be starting a radio show on Japan’s InterFM called KUMA POWER HOUR with Utada Hikaru, airing once a month beginning on April 16. A translation, courtesy of TokyoHive:

This is sudden, but I will start my radio show starting in April. It’ll be the first time in 13 years for me to have a regular program. I wonder if I would do fine…

Amazing news! Hikki—back in the public eye!

But what’s she going to do for the show? Prank call Ayumi Hamasaki? Sing along to Freddie Mercury? Debut new material, perhaps? (Please God, yes.) Then again, judging by the name of the program, it’ll likely be a hour-long motivational speech about chocolate and gay rights by her teddy bear, Kuma.

Nevertheless, I’ll be tuning in to see (err, hear.)