selena gomez

Selengendary Gomezmerizing is a flaw-free Latina ángel who has been sent down from Heaven by Walt Disney to charm us with her breezy songs of splendor, titillate us all with her edgy role in her upcoming film Spring Breakers, and forever stan hard for Godney.

In a few months, the (drop dead) beautiful starlet will release her fourth studio album on Hollywood Records — her first ever sans The Scene.

Down at SXSW this week, she revealed that her upcoming record as having a “pop-electro” sound, with influences by Skrillex, Spring Breakers and…Britney. (Duh.)

She also recently revealed the name of the album’s lead single: “Come And Get It,” and described it as “a huge fun dance record” (Dear God, please let it be a Dannii Minogue cover.)

Luckily, we’ve just got something to tide us over prior to the Slayage of Selegend: “Rule The World,” a storming dance-pop number. The track was not produced by constant collabo team Rock Mafia, though they did confirm a new album track last night called “Love Will Remember.”

“Our love was made to rule the world, you came and broke the perfect girl,” Gomez rages as the pulsating track builds, eventually arriving at a sweat-soaked EDM beat breakdown. It’s harder lyrically and sonically than, say, “Off The Chain” (my wedding song,by the way), but Gomez handles herself just fine atop a pounding, arena-sized House beat. A recently recorded ode to Bieber? Mayhaps. The angry chanting of “Forget forever!” is a nice final twist of the dagger.

Dance the pain away, princess!