Annie Returns on New Ralph Myerz Track, “Take A Look At The World”



Four years after releasing her oft-delayed, endlessly amazing Don’t Stop, the Almighty Annie has finally returned to us.

Earlier today, Norway’s NRK Radio premiered the brand new single from Norwegian producer Ralph Myerz‘s upcoming album SuperSonic Pulse called “Take A Look At The World,” featuring none other than the Queen of Norway herself on vocals—and it’s already a favorite of 2013.

And, to make amazing matters even more amazing, it’s co-produced by Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge—otherwise known as Röyksopp.

Annie’s got a serious case of wanderlust on the brilliant new Myerz tune—and from that immediate earworm of a chant (“Oh-wah-oh-wah-ohh-ohh-oh!“) alone, we’re in for an instant trip: “I’ve been traveling every corner of my mind, but haven’t left my city more than just one time,” Annie coos above the fierce, tranced-out electronic pulsations and beats as thunderous as an EDM arena anthem. It’s almost like…Dannii Minogue‘s Neon Nights meets-Martin Solveig? Something like that.

The chorus is pure disco delight: “Take a look at the world on your own/Make a change for the best, got to know the possibilities,” Annie lovingly croons on high, invoking her inner Donna Summer. And the bridge is stunning too, as the beats briefly drop out and leave Annie’s gentle voice floating in the ethos. (“I’ll be gone, but there’s something waiting out there for me…”)

And then, the build—boom, boom, boom, BOOM—a final, explosive chorus drives it all home (or should I say away from home, since Annie wants to be anywhere but home right now.). Also: “I’ve never been to Tokyo, but it’s a place I want to go.” Is that a Mini Viva reference, Annie?

It’s all just so, SO good. Annie: Don’t stop. Never, ever stop. Click below to listen! (The song kicks in after 20 seconds of radio rambling.)

Buy your tickets, say goodbye (to your faves) and see ya later.


“Take A Look At The World” will be released on April 29. (Pre-order)

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