Cassie Gets “Numb” On Her Upcoming Mixtape, ‘RockAByeBaby’

Cassie RockAByeBaby

It ain’t easy out there for a Cassie fan.

Since 2005 (that’s 8 years ago, just to clarify), we’ve been hungrily awaiting the follow-up to the Queen of Icy-R&B’s self-titled debut. Sure, there’s been singles sprinkled here and there over the years: Her chilly Ibiza anthem, “King of Hearts,” was one of my all-time favorite songs of 2012, and her robo-tatic cameo on “The Boys” with Nicki Minaj managed to get her a brief sprinkle of mainstream attention toward the end of last year. But then, for an artist who really doesn’t care too much at all about staying relevant, it’s hard to convince Cassie to put something out…well, ever.

But alas: She’s finally pulled herself away from the runway shows (and her Instagram) long enough to nail down a solid new music release: RockaByeBaby, a mixtape due out on April 11. Yes, for real.

The wait seems like it’ll be worth it, too: She’s enlisted a pretty stellar crew of producers for the 13-track collection, including Da Internz and Mike WiLL Made It (“Kisses Down Low”…!), as well as featured artists, including Rihanna hit-maker Ester Dean, Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous and Meek Millz. (Check out the full tracklisting below.)

From the press release:

“This mixtape is about more than just music, it’s about the art, the visuals and the people,” said Cassie. “I wanted to release RockaByeBaby to show my appreciation to the supporters that have been there from day one and always believed in me and my art. My goal was to make a tape that you could vibe too and that people could enjoy from the beginning until the end. I want this to be what you listen to when you need to escape.”

Perfectly said, Cas: “Numb” is the first cut we’ve got from the collection, and it’s also the essential ingredient for an evening escape. It’s moody and melancholy, much like a The Weeknd-produced comedown. “I make music to numb your brain,” Cassie monotones on repeat above atmospheric swirls and a slow-tripping beat.

She makes a pass at being a rapper throughout, evoking fellow fashionable MC Uffie–but it’s her icy almost-singing where she shines—just as she always has. Rick Ross comes in later to provide a solid verse, adding a little gruffness to the otherwise minimal Auto-Tune production. Then, it’s back to the hypnotic chanting: “I make music to numb your brain. Numb, numb, numb…

Just put on your headphones, glide in and take time out from the world.

1. Intro
2. Paradise feat. Wiz Khalifa
3. Take Care of Me Baby feat. Pusha T
4. Addiction feat. French Montana
5. Numb feat. Rick Ross
6. Sound of Love feat. Jeremih
7. I Love It feat. Fabolous
8. RockaByeBaby
9. I Know Whatcha Want
10. Turn Up feat. Meek Millz
11. Do My Dance feat. Too Short
12. Bad Bitches feat. Ester Dean
13. All My Love

RockAByeBaby will be released on April 11.

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