“Pom Poms”: The Very Good Return of The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers are back.

It’s been four years and One Direction since the band last teamed up for 2009’s Lines, Vines and Trying Times. A lot’s changed across the pop landscape since then, including the boy band revival: Big Time Rush, The Wanted, Backstreet Boys (endlessly coming back, alright) and of course, Simon Cowell‘s hit-making X Factor UK machine, 1D.

This week, the boys unveiled their big comeback track: “Pom Poms,” a rowdy, rollicking burst of foot-stomping beats, happy-go-lucky horns and pom-poms being thrust to the ground, co-penned by Paul Phamous and produced by Nick himself. (My talented bb!) But does it still hold up in the ever-changin’ pop climate?

As it turns out, yes.

“Pom Poms” is just as fun as anything 1D’s had to offer recently, but with some actual swagger — and surprisingly, an injection of testosterone too: It’s a much more saucy offering than, say, “Year 3000.” Joe Jonas commanding us to drop our pom-poms and shake it for him? Do you like your kisses down low too? I’m down. #PhuckYoPromiseRings!

It’s also more of a risk commercially: “Pom Poms” is the band’s first release since parting ways with Hollywood Records, now self-released on their own label, Jonas Brothers Recording.

The video’s solid, too: It’s an all-American high school experience, as the boys jam out in the center of a football field in New Orleans, looking super hot and super confident while doing so. (The cheerleading theme was obviously inspired by Madonna‘s “Give Me All Ur Luvin'” last year, who remains an iconic trailblazer, etc.)

Cue the massive scramble of hotties on the bleachers shaking their ta-tas, as well as the mish-mosh of characters on the field (Astronauts! Easter bunny! Gospel singers!) Mix ’em all up, split ’em down the middle, and then throw in a fantastic men-vs-women dance-off to boot. #GenderRoles! (Calm down. All in good fun.)


Just look at Nick’s sultry moves! Who could possibly resist?

But really, this is a solid slice of don’t-take-this-too-seriously pop, equipped with a real hook of a chorus that just won’t quit. “Baby, put your pom-poms down for me!” True, they’re not playing grab-ass and sneaking kisses with each other a la 1D (leave the JoBros incest to your fan-fic Xanga, you filthy monsters), but it’s still a genuinely fun time. Besides, anything that evokes 2002’s iconic Drumline is worth some lovin’, no?

And now, the true test of their comeback: Will they still shoot up the charts as they once did years ago? The tweenage fan is a fair-weathered friend: They’ll shake and cry today, remain unbothered tomorrow. That’s still to be determined.

Most importantly: What does Demi think?


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