Everyone is quite excited about the return of Daft Punk. (I mean, when you’ve got people making believably real remixes of a 15-second Saturday Night Live tease of your new tunes, you must be doing something right.)

Today, the French duo unveiled the latest piece of their comeback promo: The Collaborators, a video interview series featuring the collaborators on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories. So, who’s up for the first episode? None other than the prolific disco producer himself—Giorgio Moroder.

Watch below to hear Moroder talk about discovering the synthesizer for the first time, working with Donna Summer, recording “I Feel Love” (“I thought it was a good sound…I didn’t think it was that important”–AMAZING), four-on-the-floor beats, the legacy of dance, working with Daft Punk and much, much more—all essential insights for fellow music nerds and House-a-holics alike.

“What the world needs now is not only good dance songs, which I think are out—the world needs something new.”

Watch and learn below.

Random Access Memories will be released on May 17. (iTunes)