After rattling the BeyHive with her #BeyHereNow 2-second tease yesterday, Beyoncé premiered the new Beyoncé Pepsi commercial, featuring Beyoncé’s new song by Beyoncé.

Watch as Beyoncé does work in the dance studio, facing off against various Beyoncé’s throughout her 10 year solo career (Keeps Getting Better, if you will), including Crazy In Loveoncé, Naughty Girloncé, Love On Toponcé and “Single Ladies” Sasha Fierce—before busting down the mirrors in a triumphantly ferocious explosion. Like shattered gla-ee-ass…



That hot-sounding track playing in the background? It’s dropping on Monday, and was produced by Timbaland (which explains why the beat sort of sounds like his collaboration with Björk, “Earth Intruders.”)

And the name of the new song? “Grown Woman”—not to be confused with the 2010 Kelly Rowland single of the same name.