Introduucing…Say Lou Lou!

Say Lou Lou

And now, it’s time for a long overdue introduction to Say Lou Lou, the gorgeous Swedish-Australian twin sister act.

(They grew up shuttling in between Stockholm and Sydney. Thus, they are Swedish-Australian.)

When the duo was first being buzzed about last year, they went by the name Saint Lou Lou, but they’ve since switched over to Say Lou Lou. (Or SAY! Lou Lou, as Legendtina might say.)

Say Lou Lou’s 2012 debut single, “Maybe You,” is perhaps one of the more perfect songs I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s heartbreaking and gorgeous and nostalgic and lump-in-throat-inducing; a song so intimate and melancholy that when it plays, time itself seems to stop—at least for a moment. Or something like that, at least.

It helps, also, that the accompanying Philippe Tempelman-directed video is a slow-motion work of art.

Following their debut (the official video’s racked up well over 300,000 views, not too shabby for a debut), the sister act hit the road to perform across Europe, including an opening slot on Hurts‘ tour. They’ve also lent their dreamy vocals to Goldroom‘s bouncy, ’80’s synth-pop inspired “Sweetness Alive” and developed their own record label (à Deux). Now, they’re preparing their label’s first release in May: “Julian.”

“Oh Julian, once we get across the border/Oh Julian, I’m in your heart,” the brooding twosome croon on their new number. Like “Maybe You,” it’s a tender electronic production—like a mixture of the spooky alt-pop sensibility of Bat For Lashes (see her similarly lush ode to a special fellow, “Daniel”) and the melancholy world-weariness of Swedish mystery disco vixen, Sally Shapiro.

Basically, they’re 2 for 2.

The track arrives on May 6, along with a B-side called “Fool Of Me,” featuring Chet Faker. But wait—there’s more!

Earlier today, the talented Monsieur Adi premiered his entrancing mix of the track, adding a lively, dance floor-friendly bounce to the otherwise ghostly original.

They’re stunning, stylish and the tunes are to die for. What’s not to love?

“Julian” will be released on May 6. (iTunes)

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