The New Era Begins: Mariah Carey Teases “Beautiful” with Miguel


Mariah Carey has spent the past few months sitting in between Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and a yappy, bewigged bobblehead on American Idol, doling out advice and showering fans in glitter. But once the show wraps, she’s been casually heading into the studio late at night to record her follow-up to 2010’s Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

And after a false start last summer, she’s finally ready to return.

Yesterday night, the almighty Charmbracelet chanteuse tweeted a link to a video, announcing: “THE NEW ERA BEGINS HERE.” And oh, the moments she’s provided:

1.) That butterfly. A reference to her incredible 1997 record.

2.) “THE NEW ERA BEGINS.” Who doesn’t like an official declaration? Here’s to new beginnings, and to forgetting that “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” was ever a thing that happened. (“Almost Home” is still fine, though.)

3.) Mariah’s laugh. I could hear that on loop several dozen times (and I did.)

4.) Mariah’s flowing locks. Golden, flip-ready and sewn in by angels.

5.) That guitar. It’s sexy as phuck.

6.) That vinyl crinkle. This suggests that the song will be a classic.

7.) Miguel. Not a dime-a-dozen rapper, but a singer—and an amazing one, at that. (Let us not forget his incredible contribution to Legendtina‘s #lotuspromo, “Lotus Flower Bomb.”)

8.) #BEAUTIFUL. Hip. Savvy. Twitter-friendly. Mariah is on trend.

Keep calm and carry on, Lambily.


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