Alright, I’ve been banging this remix so much this week that it warrants a post.

Norwegian DJ Cosmic Dawn‘s done official remixes for the likes of Jason Derulo, Donkeyboy and my American Idol Season 2 Queen Kimberly Caldwell, but this particular one’s not official—yet, anyway.

Navy Commander Illuminati Princess Marijuana Goddess RiRi‘s murky, ratchet-tastic “Pour It Up” is one of my very favorites from Unapologetic: I don’t pretend to twerk, but if I did, it would be truly my twerk anthem.

With his remix, Cosmic Dawn’s gone and given the track an ethereal boost, converting the harsh claps and chilly beats into a hypnotic trance affair full of warm, soaring pulsations and sonic lusciousness.

For fellow trance enthusiasts, Navy members, or for those of you who were underwhelmed by the more subdued, #PhuckYoRadioFriendly feel of RiRi’s latest studio album, this ought to perk up your ears—and your feet.