Cassie Takes Us to “Paradise” in New ‘RockaByeBaby’ Video (And Wiz Khalifa, Too)


After the premiere of “Numb” with Rick Ross last week, Cassie just premiered the latest track (and video) off of her RockaByeBaby mixtape/sonic and visual experience, “Paradise”—and it’s terrible.


You see, Cassie is more or less incapable of doing anything less than objectively slay-worthy, and “Paradise” is yet another moment in which the Queen of Icy-R&B takes us all higher (emphasis on the “high”).

Driving around town in her old school Impala (note: I only know this because Rap-Up told me so) with Chris Brown‘s ex Karrueche Tran in tow (she’s doing just fine, it seems), the fashionably ferocious Bad Boy vixen steps out for some street strutting, stoop chat and smoking up—redefining the term “bad bitch” while doing so.

The Alex Nazari-directed clip features all the essential ingredients in a Cassie concoction: Side boob, shaved head, designer threads and no absolutely zero fucks given.

And as for the song itself? It’s an aggressive R&B production, alternating between dirty drum beats, whiney guitars and brief shimmers of icy electronica. The lyrics, especially, are worth writing home about: “No shade, no hatin’, but if that’s your date then you need a replacement.”


And then there’s Wiz, who joins the party with some heartfelt words—namely a few choice lines about getting brain, planes and a taste below the waist. Do you see that? Subtle Kelly Rowland “Kisses Down Low” promo to boot! Cassie’s simply the bestest.

Now then: Where does one acquire a “Never Trust A Bitch” car ornament?

RockaByeBaby will be released on April 11.

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