Jessie Ware’s “Imagine It Was Us” Video Is Just As Amazing As The Song


Well, imagine that.

Nu-soul chanteuse-turned-’90’s House disco diva Jessie Ware got our hearts racing last month with the radio debut of her incredibly lush, endlessly danceable “Imagine It Was Us”—a new track off of her upcoming US release of Devotion. (Speaking of, have you checked out the album review yet?)

And now, there’s an accompanying video for the Julio Bashmore-produced disco throbber and—lo and behold—it’s equally amazing.

Jessie clearly knows how to get down at the club, hitting the floor with a fabulous crew of dance floor deviants and club kids: Prepare for high ponytails, pink fur throws, fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas, big hoops (the bigger, the better), Gaga‘s silly “Paparazzi” sunglasses, sweaty chests slathered in glitter and ample amounts of ballroom voguing that’d have Madonna beaming with pride. (Well, or scowling the word “reductive” while Instagramming photos of her pursed lips.)

And speaking of the Queen of Everything: As Robbie rightfully pointed out on Idolator this morning, Ms. Ware’s video is essentially Madge’s “Deeper and Deeper” re-shot in 2013. Heaven!

Just how cute (and sexy!) does Jessie look pulling those shapes, anyway? Choreography! Yes, yes, yes. Cool and confident, but never taking herself too seriously—just how we like our disco divas. J’adore, Jessie!

“Imagine It Was Us” will be released on April 14 in the UK. (iTunes UK)

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