The C-Squad’s extreme thirst for The Album Formerly Known As One Woman Army is very real, and it only grows stronger with each passing day.

I myself have thrown endless body parties. I’ve been Instagramming in the backseat of every car. I’ve even jumped on the Hot Line to talk to the F-L-Y Fantasy Ride princess herself.

Now, we’ve got another taste of CiCi’s Ciara to keep us briefly satiated: “I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj),” the album’s opening track — and this one is a straight up lady jam. Get ready to raise your glasses with Cici and Nicki!

“Ladies, this your song / So as soon as this come on, you should get out on the floor/ Go on and get your sexy on!” CiCi declares in the song’s opening seconds.

But before Ciara even starts back-bending her way onto the track, Miss Nicki comes in locked and loaded for their empowerment anthem, unleashing an opening verse that objectively slays: “If I say it on wax, every bitch follow,” she brags, name-dropping Love & Hip Hop‘s Mendeecees in the process. (Amazing.) “You gon’ play me? On Instagram, n—as trying to shade me?” RiRi shade? Maybe!

It’s one of her finest features in years, bringing her growling “Monster” masterpiece verse to mind: No alter-egos, no mindless dance-pop fizz — this is the Nicki I’ve missed! Snatch that crown (and ditch the corny outfits), Miss Minaj.

The song soon spirals into fiery alarm blasts, almighty choir vocals and sizzling, twerk-ready beats as CiCi shows up to deliver her cocky contribution: “Now tell me, do my ladies run this? (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah) / Not even Hammer can touch this,” she monotones above the soldiering beat which, admittedly, would suit an album named One Woman Army.

Is it single-worthy? Maybe not. But as an album opener, it gets the job done.

Ladies, remain empowered, positive and super turnt up: Don’t be surprised when this one’s selected as the official theme for 2014’s Women in the World Summit. SHE READS!

Ciara will be released on July 5. (iTunes)