Selegendary Gomezmerizing has learned well from the teachings of her idols.

The Spring Breakers starlet, “Off The Chain” chanteuse and full-time Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole stan just took her pop princess title to the next level in the video for her Top 30 (so far!) Bollywood-infused smash, “Come & Get It,” evoking the sensual seduction of both Chezza and The Holy Spearit while doing so.

Fasten your wigs tightly and make sure your flaw jar is filled, because there’s none to be found here.

So baybeh, wheneva you’re readaaaay…

The Anthony Mandler-directed clip sees the “Love You Like A Love Song” songstress journeying far, far away into a distant land filled with blue floral fields and mirrors—essentially replicating the sweeping shots and stunning cinematography of Rihanna‘s “Only Girl (In The World)” video, which was shot by, you guessed it, Anthony Mandler. (Note: Not a criticism.)


It’s all one 5-minute blur of beauty: Hair tousling pornography, come-hither (come and get it!) eyes and flowing garb galore, as the songstress writhes and pouts away, invoking all of the classical elements of nature: Earth, wind, fire, water, Bieber fever. She’s like Captain Planet, but prettier.

There’s also some sultry tribal choreography happening throughout the clip: If you’ve seen any of her live performances lately—including her MTV Movie Awards performance—you’ve already got those sassy finger wags and mini-rump shakes firmly memorized for your nightly bedroom routines.

Slay on Selegend, and remember: When in doubt, flip your goddamn hair.