The Legendary Miss Britney Spears: She is a performer. She is a Mom. She is funny. She is your friend! She is Britney Jean. And secretly, she is Picassoney.

When Our Very Own Pop Princess-now-Queen Of Pop isn’t too busy slowly but surely working on her artsy fartsy, left-lane rock pop opus (code name B9), she’s hustling on her international #PrettyGirlsPromo grind.

Earlier this morning, the “Born to Make You Happy” (Bonus Remix)” beauty dialed in to Dan & Maz on Australia’s 2Day FM to talk about her “Pretty Girls” pal I-G-G-Y — you know, the one with that great accent, which might be Australian. (And yes, she mentioned the salad again.)

B-Girl also politely entertained the idea of working with Katy Perry. (“I met her at Smurfs!”) And, most importantly of all, she revealed her love of painting topless in her Art Room to the sound of #1 To Infinity by the Elusive Chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey.

Upon hearing the news, I placed a call to the Chateau du Spears. And, much to my great delight, I was lucky enough to be invited in for an Excluusive peek at the Art Room in which Brit Brit taps into her more vibe-y, artsy fartsy topless side. I was overcome by the Holy Spearit’s strokes — but I’ll let the work speak for itself.


Cool Britney Art Room

A woman looking at a Picasso painting


Eat your fucking heart out, Georgia O’Keeffe.