Chelsea Korka

As the reign of the girl group continues to diminish on radio, the lingering memory of the Paradiso Girls has never been so strongly felt.

Ever since the shortlived “Patron Tequila” fivesome parted ways in late 2010 after releasing only two singles (still reeling), the girls have all been embarking on their own endeavors: Aria Crescendo‘s running around taking pictures in Hollywood, Shar Mae Amor‘s being a mother, Kelly Beckett‘s doing some TV hosting, Lauren Bennett‘s working with Robin Antin on a Pussycat Dolls-lite reboot called G.R.L. and, of course, Chelsea Korka is steadily working on becoming a solo star.

After teaming up with Mark Rosas, LMFAO‘s Sky Blu and Shwayze to form the artist collective Big Bad University in 2010, the songstress has been steadily working on carving out her solo career. And now, over a year since she dropped her fantastic debut dance-pop EP, Chelsea’s finally selected her debut solo single: “Save Me.”

Produced by constant collaborator Mark Rosas, Chelsea’s solo debut is a marked shift away from the pulsating, EDM-driven dance-pop beats of her debut, wandering instead into intriguing new musical territory. The song’s structure and style alternates wildly between modern beats and throwback sound, sort of like Duffy‘s “Mercy” being mashed-up with a twinkling Cassie banger: “Save me, the boy’s got a hold on me,” Korka croons across a slick electro-R&B beat, before suddenly breaking back into a swinging ’60’s vibe. Midway through, Korka uncorks her full-bodied chops and lets loose, belting with all her might. It’s a big, bold new sound for the songstress.

For more, check out what Chelsea had to say to MuuMuse about the premiere of her debut single:

I’m excited to say that this is my official first single! It took me just the right amount of time to come out with new music and finally, that moment has arrived. It wasn’t until one day, I was working with Mark Rosas, when we stumbled upon the melody of “Save Me.” From there, Mark created this sound that was beyond intriguing to me and all I could say was “cool”. I knew we had something with “Save Me.” The sound and feeling of the song also inspired me so much when it came to working on the lyrics and vocals. “Save Me.” is extremely heartfelt. It’s about being in love and there is nothing better in this world than to be in love. And now, I just can’t wait for the opportunity to share my world with the universe!

You can now listen to “Save Me” below. What do you think of Kween Korka’s debut?

“Save Me” was released on June 11. (iTunes)