The Dolls have arrived.

Known individually as DJ/designer Mia Moretti and electro-violinist Caitlin Moe, the two multi-talented fashion darlings aren’t exactly new to the music scene: They’ve been collaborating for years now, playing sets at premiere high fashion shindigs for Dior and Prabal Gurung (oh, and Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding!), as well as opening up on tour for Mika.

Simply put, they’re doing well for themselves.

“Summer of ’93,” which premiered yesterday on Idolator, is The Dolls’ first release this year and a hugely promising sign of things to come. But don’t expect a joyous, “Party In The USA”-esque bout of red Solo cup-waving revelry, string bikinis and late-night joy rides from the nostalgia-inducing title: This one’s going straight for the heartstrings.

The luscious track slowly builds across seductive stutters, atmospheric electronica and tripping beats, sort of like a Massive Attack production mixed with Imogen Heap. (And, of course, there’s some violin action!) “I wanna love, but my heart turns cold whenever I meet your eye / I wanna love, but I don’t know and I just cannot lie,” Moe croons, her featherlight falsetto floating across the trip-hop production, desperately clinging to a memory.

The production is wistful. The lyrics are melancholy. The vocals are haunting. A “Teenage Dream,” as Moretti’s close friend Katy Perry might say (who just gave her seal of approval on the song)? Not really. Consider this one more of a Teenage Crushing Reality — in the very best, most gorgeous way possible.

Keep this one handy, especially when those last embers of summer are slowly fading away.

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