When it comes to producing for The Holy Spearit‘s Album 8, tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner and More Spearitual (We’re Just Having Lots of Lunches Right Now), we all know them producers are talking all this stuff about B: Danja is submitting tracks! DJ Replay is submitting tracks! Dev Hynes is submitting tracks! Scoop DeVille is submitting tracks! Sabi is submitting tracks! Amanda Bynes is submitting tracks! I’m submitting tracks!

However, when Ray of Light producer William Orbit started tawking that tawk on the Twitter, everybody hushed and just stopped. (REFERENCE.)

As we already knew, this isn’t the first time Orbit planned to work with Brit Brit. Years ago, he was sent to the writing camp for Femme Fatale — but none of his tracks made the cut. It was a massively upsetting moment. But he’s back on B’s ray-duh now…and she just can’t let him get away.

And so, the Godney did tweet:

Britney William Orbit tweet


With B-Girl’s confirmation on Twitter, it looks like Album 8 really, really will be a Spearitual Ray Of Light (but, y’know, also urban.) Praise Kabbalahney’s light!

And, yes: Orbit’s listening to the fans. A lot. He’s been tweeting back and forth with the Godney Army, RTing for Brazil, agreeing that Britney needs songwriting credits, loving on “Unusual You” and speaking in Englishney all the live long day: When @LucyLoveGodney demanded there be no Auto-Tune on Album 8, he replied: “Auto-what? Never heard of it !!!” And when @IfUSeekGodney requested to know if we’re getting “experimentalney, vocalney, deepney and songwritney,” he replied: “All of the above and more if i can have any bearing on the matter. and add herdreamney, herheartney. But nuff said 4 now.”


But he’s only kept on going: “A ballad, Must be timeless. From the heart. We know a true one when we hear it. #NOFLIMFLAM” he tweeted yesterday. A timeless ballad for Britney — from the maker of Madonna‘s “Frozen”? I can’t. Even. Begin to. (Side note: A song called “No Flim Flam” would also be great.)

“I think I’m ready now.” – Book of Godney, Hymns of The Zone, 6:13