Sisters are doing it for themselves once again.

As we already know, Kylie Minogue‘s busy spinning around in New York City this month, recording for her upcoming twelfth studio album, dropping her skirt down, doing some casual promo at Saks Fifth Avenue for Kylie Fashion and taking shots with Andy Cohen and Elijah Wood on Watch What Happens Live.

But when an Instagram surfaced of Kylie getting glam with her baby sister Dannii last Wednesday, we all began to wonder — what trouble are these two stirring up together?

As it turns out, the Neon Nights goddess and the Mighty Aphrodite are filming sequences for Dannii’s upcoming stint on X Factor Australia, where Kylie will be serving as a mentor for Dannii’s team. (Imagine crooning a little acoustic ditty in front of not one, but two Minogues? They should be so lucky.)

I wish the Minogues all the $ucce$$ in the world, but then again, don’t need it: They’re naturals, especially when they’re sharing the stage! But what will the duo end up doing while reunited?

Well, it might end up looking like this…

Or, it could end up looking like this…

But most likely, it will end up looking like this.