If there is any lingering doubt as to whether or not 2014 is indeed the Year Of The Ass, Jenny AKA J.Lo AKA Lola AKA Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have promptly ended the debate.

“Booty” isn’t so much a song as it is a lifestyle: It is a call to arms…err, ass. It is dedicated to the derriere. It’s beholden to the buttocks. Therefore, it would only make sense that the accompanying music video is a frenzied haze of booty shots flashing across the screen at seizure-inducing pace, like a banned episode of Pokémon.

Prepare for all of the jigging. Jaggling. Shimmying. Shaking. Unsubtle Sapphic undertones. And, importantly, a little bit of #eosLipBalmPromo — a girl can’t be chapped when shaking that ass, after all.

Some will call it sexy. Some will call it desperate. Some will yell “Anaconda” rip-off. I shall simply call it…ASSPOP.



‘A.K.A.’ was released on June 17. (iTunes)