And now for something completely lush.

Télépopmusik is the French duo responsible for producing some of the most heavenly, anxiety-alleviating electronic productions around in the early ’00’s, alongside acts like Air, Zero 7 and Massive Attack. Even if you aren’t/weren’t a fan at the time, it’s likely that you’ve already heard some of their sensational tracks floating in between commercials and soundtracks, including “Breathe” and “Love Can Damage Your Health” with the ever-amazing Angela McCluskey.

Nearly a decade after the release of their fantastic 2005 sophomore record Angel Milk (and a one-off single in 2009 called “Ghost Girl”), the duo’s casually snuck their way back onto the speakers with a brand new double A-side EP in 2013: “Try Me Anyway/Fever,” featuring vocalist Betty Black (formerly Sylvia Gordon of KUDU.)

“Fever” accentuates everything magical about the Télépopmusik sound: The drippy, downtempo beats, ambient textures and featherlight vocals — all of which come together as a sort of smoke-filled late night lite-disco affair, not unlike Little Boots‘ magnificent Nocturnes or Goldfrapp‘s more muted efforts. “Try Me Anyway,” on the other hand, has a much more lively feel, sort of like the nu-jazz stuff of Bitter:Sweet. “She can’t do the things that I do / Just cut that bitch free,” Beck lustily commands. Naughty little minx, isn’t she?

The EP arrives ahead of Télépopmusik’s long awaited third studio album due out later this year, which will reportedly include contributions from Black, McCluskey and Swedish singer Johanna Wedin. And even if it’s only 2 tracks (plus a slew of remixes from the likes of Zombie Disco Squad, Dirty Channels and Pit Spector.

Check out the gorgeous Pino Rastovich remix of “Fever” below (which is available to download for free), then grab the EP.

Welcome back, boys.

“Try Me Anyway / Fever” EP was released on June 24. (iTunes)