Annie’s New EP With Richard X: Listen to “Back Together,” The Ridiculously Amazing First Track



After the release of her incredible collaboration with Ralph Myerz (“Take A Look At The World”), as well as her semi-gloomy, alt-disco single “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts,” Norwegian disco goddess Annie has returned with a shimmering new release to save us from a rising sea of basic bangers.

According to PopJustice, the “Breakfast Song” songstress will release a 5-track EP on August 5 called The A&R EP, a collaboration between Annie and mega-pop producer, Richard X. (See what they did there?)

Today, the first taste of the collection — “Back Together,” co-penned by Little Boots (!!!) — has arrived.

“Back Together” is…well, exactly what you’d expect a Little Boots co-penned, Richard X-produced song sung by the Anniemal to sound like: Perfection.

The gorgeous track’s full of earworm melodies via Mizz Boots (as lovely as anything off Nocturnes), piano-led early ’90’s House rhythms, shimmering sparkles of ’80’s electronica and, of course, heaven-sent vocals from the Queen of Norwegian Pop herself.

It’s sort of like the Pet Shop Boys meets Sally Shapiro meets Stacey Q meets the Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack meets everything that is good and decent in this otherwise cruel, cold world.

Utterly obsessed and forever slayed.

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