Fifth Harmony Dominates the ‘Today Show’ Stage in Post-‘X Factor’ TV Debut

fifth harmony

It’s been a big week for Fifth Harmony.

After premiering the carnival-themed clip for their debut single “Miss Movin’ On,” the flaw-free fivesome made their post-X Factor TV debut on The Today Show this morning with both their current single, as well as their new song, “Me & My Girls.”

Granted, they’ve already had months of training on X Factor to prepare for this moment, but still: This was a huge, pivotal point in their career…and of course, they nailed it.

5H looked, acted and sounded like a superstar girl group who’s been doing this for years: Crazy high energy, voices on point, tight choreography — and most importantly, endless hairflips.

All of the girls — Camila, Ally, Normani, Lauren and Dinah, in case you haven’t memorized their names by now — shined individually and yes, they harmonized like pros. Be proud, #Harmonizers!

A slight confession: I hadn’t warmed to “Me & My Girls” after hearing it at first — mainly because the song’s about taking duckface selfies and booty popping, which makes me feel really old, and also lumping Godney in the same category as Demi, One Direction and Justin Bieber is blasphemous. (Then again, I’m glad the kiddos consider Queen B to be as relevant, cool and urban as their faves! #ThePowerOfBritney)

But after seeing it performed live, I’m a true believer: In fact — it was even better than the “Miss Movin’ On” performance! The girls get to have a blast on stage, and the song sounds fantastic live. That soaring chorus is catchy as fuck, and that post-chorus — y’know, the moment when the girls break into pop-trap and get a lil’ RiRi ratchet (overused, sorry) with all the hair-flips and sass and whatnot? That’s the dealmaker. Sign me up, ladies.

And that’s how you do the damn thing. Take note, lessers!

“Miss Movin’ On” was released on July 16. (iTunes)

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