The last time we heard from South Korea’s leading ladies, 2NE1, they were crooning their hearts away on their hypnotic 2012 dance-pop anthem, “I Love You.” (Well, and lending vocals to will.i.am‘s #willpower track, “Gettin’ Dumb” — a pretty major win for K-Pop in America!)

Since then, the immensely popular girl group has been prepping new material for 2013. (Oh yeah, and the group’s lead rapper, CL, unleashed a killer debut solo single called “The Baddest Female.”) Now, the girls are back together again and giving their Blackjacks something very special for summer.

And yes, they’re very much still in the mood to swoon.

“Falling In Love” is 2NE1’s brand new summer single, and it’s a succulent serving of summery pop goodness: The track breaks up evenly between laid-back reggaeton crooning, sassy rap verses from CL (“let the haters sit and stare!”), dizzy club beats, and an easy, breezy chorus (“Falling in love, falling in love!”) And don’t forget Dara‘s “Touch me over here / Touch me, touch me over there” bits thrown in between — that’s the catchiest part!

The accompanying video is below, which features the fabulous foursome looking divine in a whole bunch of ridiculously forward-thinking threads (including designs by CL’s BFF Jeremy Scott). Prepare for some beachside booty popping, a cameo by Nicki Minaj‘s pink wig (which Minzy apparently snatched), some casual camera product placement and some very expensive-looking set design…all gold, everything! Also, how hot is CL? Lawd…

2NE1 simply remain ten steps ahead of the curve. Jackpot!

“Falling In Love” was released on July 8. (iTunes)