“Hold On”: Annie Gets It Right Once Again With Summery New ‘A&R EP’ Track

Annie A&R EP

Do you want more? Baby, do you want more?

Annie, Queen of Norway and Breakfast Enthusiast, is back at it with the second song to premiere from her upcoming A&R EP with Richard X: “Hold On,” which debuted on PopJustice today.

The shimmering tune was penned by the incredible Hannah Robinson, who worked on many of Annie’s older tracks, including “Chewing Gum” and “Me Plus One” — and Rachel Stevens‘ “So Good. Need I say more?

The track glides along on a bright, ’80’s power-pop melody and icy wisps of electronica. As PJ noted, it’s got shades of Stock Aitken & Waterman and St. Etienne, but ultimately, this is purely the stuff of Annie.

“Hold on, just as your love is fading / Hold on, I’m here to take the strain,” Annie gently comforts as steel drums and bright, bubbly electro beats fill out the track. It’s a perfectly crafted, warm slice of summery synth-pop — you can even hear waves washing up on the shore in the song’s final few seconds. Heaven! It’s objectively perfect.

Annie’s also done an excellent interview with VICE’s Noisey, in which she discusses growing up in Europe, the upcoming EP (including a “gritty break-up” track called “Invisible” and “Ralph Macchio,” a tribute to the original Karate Kid), the inspiration behind writing “Anthonio” (Richard X’s cologne!), her desire to work with Grimes (!!!) and, most exciting of all, her plan to release more music: “Two more EPs ASAP.”

Oh, Annie. Never change.

‘The A&R EP’ will be released on July 29. (iTunes)

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