Is Neon Jungle The Next UK Girl Group To Save Our Sorry Pop Souls?

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Ever since the unceremonious disbanding of The Almighty Aloud in March (we’re not talking about it, so stop), a gaping void has been left in the UK girl group pop scene. We’ve already got our serving of soul-pop covered thanks to the legendary return of MKS, but as far as those Top 40 electro-pop stormers? The Saturdays are far too touch-and-go (and mostly too pregnant) to really supply that sort of consistency.

So here’s the question: Is Neon Jungle the next in line to offer us some sweet pop salvation?

PopJustice has certainly been raving about the foursome for quite a bit in the past few months, which is a pretty solid stamp of approval. And now, there’s this: The newly premiered Monsieur Adi remix of their CockNBullkid and Fear of Tigers-crafted debut single, “Trouble.”

The remix is a perfectly tailored tease that avoids giving away much of the original above nasty synthesized beats and dramatic strings, other than the immediately killer chorus line: “I don’t look for trouble, but trouble looks for me / And it’s been waiting around corners since I was 17.” It’s feisty and fearless — dare I say it’s rather…Aloudesque?

And now, some stuff from RCA:

Think you know girlbands? Think again. Neon Jungle are about to rip up the rulebook. Forget synchronised dance routines and matching dresses – these four girls from London, Suffolk and Scotland are blazing a trail of their own. Aged between 16 and 20, Shereen, Asami, Jess and Amira are like the girls at school making all the noise on the bus. Produced and written by CockNBullkid and Fear of Tigers, it’s raw and smart – the perfectly formed modern pop single that leaves you thinking “what just happened?”

‘Trouble’, their debut single will be released through RCA on 1st September and is 2 minutes 32 seconds of punky, infectious music – with a shout-along chorus that’s guaranteed to play on a loop round your head. Chaotic and contagious at the same time, it dabbles with rap, dance and pop – all tied together with a lot of attitude and teenage spirit.

Promising? Yes, yes, yes.

“Trouble” will be released on September 1.

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