Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake isn’t skipping a beat.

The 20/20 Experience has proven to be a pretty spectacular comeback for JT thus far — especially considering the fact that it’s the best-selling album of the year (so far.)

Despite a few bumps in the road (that misguided, boobie-filled “Tunnel Vision” video, for instance), there’s been flourishes of genius throughout, including album gems like “Don’t Hold The Wall,” “Let The Groove Get In” and “Blue Ocean Floor” (one of the greatest songs of his career), as well as the absolutely brilliant “Mirrors” video.

Today, the second chapter of the 20/20 Experience has begun, starting with lead single: “Take Back The Night.”

Unlike Part 1’s tedious, plodding opener “Suit & Tie” with Jay-Z which reeked of 2006-era Timbaland production, “Take Back The Night” is an instant smash upon arrival.

The shimmering, feel-good dance floor stomper plays like a grown-up version of JT’s classic “Rock Your Body,” full of Michael Jackson-esque falsetto crooning, dirty disco basslines, funky stomps and jubilant blasts of brass. It’s a solid summer groove with a decidedly throwback appeal, much in the same vein as Daft Punk‘s resuscitation of live instrumentation and early disco on Random Access Memories.

This is the Justin that we wanted to hear from the very beginning. Now, let’s dance!

The 20/20 Experience Part 2 will be released on September 30. (iTunes)