Ian Masterson, one of my favorite writers and producers (and frequent Dannii Minogue collaborator), confirmed in a tweet to me today that he’s been listening to “some new songs…” from Dannii Minogue.

After quickly pestered him for details on a release, he replied simply: “erm, can’t really say sorry!” It was worth a shot.

Masterson is responsible for some of my favorite songs of all time (of all time!), including Dannii’s “Disremembrance,” “I Begin To Wonder,” “Nervous,” and “Goodbye Song.” He was also behind the senstational remix troupe Trouser Enthusiasts and currently operates as one-half of production duo, Thriller Jill along with fellow writing/production mastermind, Terry Ronald.

I’m kind of a massive Masterson fan.

I don’t know when/if we’ll ever hear the music, but it warms my heart to know that it merely exists.