With ARTPOP just a few months away from being birthed from her Monster womb, Lady Gaga decided it was high time to do some heavy metal loving — resulting in a brand new septum piercing in Chicago.

The unexpected move enraged some Little Monsters, who were disappointed that she decided to alter her look. She responded in her usual humble manner. And now, it appears that she nose exactly what she’s doing.

Tara Savelo, Gaga’s BFF/personal makeup artist/Haus member just uploaded a video of Madame Gagaloo getting that needle straight through her sniffer.

It’s sort of tense to watch — mostly because of the dark, frantic Mortal Kombat-y electronic beat pulsating in the background. But wait! IS IT…ARTPOP? No idea…but kudos for not even flinching, Gags. (Don’t worry, you don’t see anything gruesome.)

UPDATE: LOLOL SRY! Did you like that beat? Well, too bad.

So Tara didn’t quite spill the ArtBeans in the video, but she did yesterday: Last night, she posted a photo of Gags working on what appears to be single art for what appears to say “APPLAUSE.” Title of the new single, mayhaps?


The answer, as always, is ARTPOP.