By now, you should all be listening to Zendaya‘s “Replay” on replay eh-eh-everywhere you go.

It isn’t just one of the best songs to come out this summer, but one of the strongest debuts by any Disney pop princess, ever. (Not hyperbole — fact.)

And now, the song just got even more replay friendly.

This week, Hollywood Records issued a dependably solid collection of scorching remixes to rocket Princess Z’s debut single onto the dance floor, including re-rubs by Ralphi Rosario, Jason Nevins, DJ Kue, Jump Smokers and Riddler (a personal favorite — just wait until that absolutely sickening tribal breakdown!)

Of course, I’ve got to give it up for my boy Belanger‘s take on the track, which gives the brilliantly minimal original a lush, hypnotic sheen: Lots of gorgeous synths, stuttering vocals and a solid four-to-the-floor stomp.

Go on and listen to ’em on replay. All day. And dance. Zendaya would know a thing or two about that: After all, she made it to 2nd place on Dancing On The Stars in May as the youngest contestant in the history of the competition.

When will your faves? Seriously.

“Replay” was released on July 16. (iTunes)