Daily B: Is Charli XCX Going To Give Us Gothney?

charli xcx

“I wanna take you to a dark place / Make you, make you do it my way.” – Psalms of Femme Fatale 17:1, Book of Godney

Although this scoop has actually been flying under the radar (REFERENCE) for a long time now, Digital Spy confirmed the news earlier today: Known Britney stan and Internet darling Charli XCX is submitting songs for The Holy Spearit’s upcoming record — tentatively titled 8RITNEY: All Eyes On Me or Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual And A Little More Personal (Raw).

She told Digital Spy at Reading Festival: “I’ve been doing some writing for the Britney record. I was freaking out. I didn’t even want to go to the session I was so excited. I was so worried I would f**k it up.

“I was doing some stuff for that yesterday actually. Who knows how it will go. We’ve written one song and it’s a great track and if she likes it then amazing. It was just an honor to be asked.”

For those less familiar with the talented LDN-bred singer-songstress: Charli XCX is the digital goth-pop princess responsible for one my favorite albums of 2013 (and surely one of the strongest debut LPs in a long while), True Romance. She’s also the ’90’s bitch behind Icona Pop‘s ubiquitous, scream and shout-y smash “I Love It” — so yes, she knows her way ’round a hook. (How to drive a car across a bridge successfully? Not so much.)

It’s entirely possible that she’s whipping up an anthem like “I Love It” for Britney, but Charli’s own sound is more dark and trippy, full of fuzzy, industrial beats and morose lyricism wrapped around undeniably catchy pop hooks.

We already know B-Girl’s going deep with Sia and William Orbit. But imagine, if you will, if she also gets a little bit…Gothney?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got a little story to tell…

Think of Britney at her most brooding and experimental, a la “Mona Lisa” and the scrapped Original Doll era — taking on something like Charli’s “Nuclear Seasons” or “You’re The One,” or even something as cold and jagged as “Stay Away.”

Hey, if Katy Perry isn’t making music to match her dark teasers, maybe Britney will come in for an unexpected bout of bloody brilliance.

Let us pray the song’s good enough for Godney’s blessing.


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