Bow down: a new Queen has arrived.

Queen of Hearts–a London-based 24-year-old chanteuse with no apparent direct relation to Cassie‘s “King of Hearts,” nor Madonna‘s “Thief of Hearts” (still researching the lineage, will report back)–has just released a new double A-side today worldwide: “Neon/Tears In The Rain.” I recommend you acquire that now, as it’s quite synth-y and delicious.

“Neon” pulsates with a dark, pounding energy a la Goldfrapp‘s gritty masterpiece “Strict Machine” and Sam Sparro‘s “Black & Gold” (with a very au courant dubstep wobble to boot), as the Queen ascends to her throne while basking in bright neon lights. “Electrify, we touch the sky/We come alive,” she croons. It’s a pure synth-pop gem.

“Tears In The Rain” on the other hand, is a gorgeous ‘sad disco’ number as only a Swedish pop mastermind could provide: Produced by the ever-amazing Sound of ArrowsStefan Storm, the song creeps across a chilly, atmospheric beat. “Are you ready? Are we fearless? Surrender or fail,” the singer coos. Watch for those haunting echoes in the chorus–shiver city.

The various remixes of “Neon” on the EP are incredible as well, especially Mark Reeder‘s mix, which suits the song perfectly: With the heaven-sent strings and brooding stomp, the re-rub feels dramatic and regal. Fit for a Queen, even.

“Neon/Tears In The Rain” was released on May 14. (iTunes)