Diana Vickers is back with something new! Err, sort of.

Following the premiere of her lead single “Cinderella,” the X Factor UK alum and talented Tainted Cherry Tree songstress is keeping the dainty electro-pop ditties coming with her sparkling, still amazing “Music To Make The Boys Cry,” a glittering ’80’s-tinged midtempo that was originally given away for free back in December of 2011.

The song now serves as the title track and second single off her upcoming sophomore record, due out on September 15.


“Music” is just as dazzling as ever, and the brand new video’s super cute too. I guess it’s just weird that Diana and I both do the exact same thing on a Friday night: Flip through some old vinyls, bake a cake, set up some streamers, take shots, dip into a bath of black balloons and scream and shout into a mirror for a long time before realizing the party’s entirely in our heads.

Oh, well. Who needs friends when you’ve got music to make the boys cry?

“Music To Make The Boys Cry” will be released on September 15. (iTunes UK)