Lady Gaga Rehearses New Song “Swine” for #SWINEFEST, Angers Azealia Banks While Doing So


I don’t know if it’s just an aversion to this week’s twerk-heavy headlines, her stunt-free VMA performance or simply my inner Reverse Warholian Experience coming out, but Lady Gaga has suddenly, almost impossibly become a breath of fresh air.

The Fame Monster songstress is hard at work banging away at her upcoming iTunes Festival performance on September 1 — quite literally.

In a brand new rehearsal clip unveiled last night, Gaga and her bandmates are seen practicing a brand new track called “Swine.” An ode to her former bloggy BFF? Possibly, or perhaps it’s just an ode to getting down and dirrty in the mud: “You’re just a pig inside a human body!” You decide.

Apart from the fact that the convulsion-heavy clip could double as a trailer for an upcoming horror film called The Exorcism of Gagaloo, the song itself seems enticing enough: That crashing chorus, those yelps of “Swine!” — this one might just get us all squealing.

“Swine” is evidently a highlight of ARTPOP, or at least of her upcoming performance — she’s already dubbed her upcoming headline performance #SWINEFEST.

As for the show’s aesthetic? Nope, she’s not squeezing into a bacon dress.

Ever since she hot glue-gunned a pair of seashells to her LoveGames and fancied herself the new Venus, she’s now encouraging Little Monsters to put their #SEAPUNK paws up when it comes to their Amen Fashion.

Shockingly, all this nautical speech has bothered “212” rapper-turned-full-time Twitter Mer-goblin Azealia Banks, who’d been hosting Mermaid Balls all last year to promote her mixtape Fantasea back when her career was still largely defined by her music rather than her Twitter account.

(The fact that Gaga recently revealed her collaboration(s) with Banks are not making the final ARTPOP tracklisting, of course, has nothing to do with this observation.)

I guess you could say Azealia found the likeness a bit…fishy. (I’ll be here all night — please hold your #Applause.)

Are you ready for some hot piggy action with Gaga?

ARTPOP will be released on November 11. (iTunes)

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