A New Remix of Mutya Keisha Siobhan’s “Flatline” — And A New Release Date


The Mutya Keisha Siobhan comeback is proving to be quite the wild ride.

When the girls released their brilliant (re-)debut single “Flatline” back in July, the track was given a release date of September 1. Far off — but sure, whatever. By the time the soulful UK trio debuted the accompanying video shot in LA earlier this month however, the release date was pushed back to September 15. Overload.

Now the release date’s been moved yet again — but luckily, it’s (slightly) closer!

Well, okay! September 6 it is. Whatever the date ends up being, just get the girls their deserved #1 and move from there.

In the meantime, Ron Flieger‘s just revealed his official remix of “Flatline,” which gives the song a solid stomp that ought to get you fist-pumping through the heartbreak of your flatlining relationship. The change is both obvious and miscellaneous. Live it up, baby!

“Flatline” will be released on September 6. (iTunes)

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