Rihanna’s New Single Is “What Now”

rihanna what now

I’ll tell you what: I’ve seriously missed me some Robyn “RiRi” Fenty.

Now, I’ve always been a card-carrying Navy member. But after watching her steal the show at the VMAs this year with her popcorn stashing and signature side-eye shade, I started having Separation Anxiety Illuminati Barbadian Disorder and started in on a solid, #unapologetic trip through Rihanna’s back catalog all weekend long. (#StanLife, as RiRi would say.)

And while I’m keeping for my fingers crossed for a surprise album by the end of the year (after all, the bitch can churn out a 15-track collection in her hotel room faster than you can say “#PhuckYoStudio”), it looks like we’re in store for one more Unapologetic offering first.

On August 29, an entire “What Now” remix package surfaced on Beatport, including remixes by Firebeatz, R3hab and Guy Scheiman. R3hab later confirmed on Twitter that the single is indeed official and coming to iTunes and Spotify “very soon.”

Since RiRi put out “Right Now” earlier this summer (well, sort of), it would only make sense to come out with the follow-up track on Unapologetic, which contains arguably my favorite lyrics from that record: “There’s no one to call ’cause I’m just playing games with them all / The more I swear I’m happy, the more that I’m feeling alone.” Chills, Rih. (Fun fact: Fellow Barbadian diva Livvi Franc co-wrote this banga!)

What now? I guess we’ll just wait it out…and enjoy these hot fiya remixes.

Unapologetic was released in November. (iTunes)

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