Do, do you have a first aid kit handy? No? Well, then…how about a ticket to the VMAs?

It’s been four dreadfully long months since the lovely ladies of Danity Kane (minus D. Woods) were spotted outside a Danity Kafe grabbing Danity Kold Kuts together in LA. They’ve been hard at work as a group ever since, supplying hints of their banger-making in the studio and Danity Klinking their glasses of champagne in celebration along the way.

And now, it’s really getting serious: In the past week, the girls created an official Twitter account and relaunched their official website, complete with an official Danity Kountdown — much like Britney‘s — leading up to 3 days from now. Y’know what’s 3 days from now? The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards — that’s what. 

Today, the press got a gander at the seating arrangements for the VMAs this year. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are sitting right next to each other — I bet they’ll gossip about boys, swans and Billboard charts! But even more importantly, THIS DISCOVERY:



What kind of show-stopping Ecstasy (feat. Rick Ross) is this? Now, don’t get too excited — they’re clearly making their re-debut as a group, but I wouldn’t expect any surprise musical numbers onstage. EVEN STILL.

The official return of Danity Kane: Your faves Danity Kould never. Sing us out, ladies…