It’s Spearstember, bitch.

September, historically, is known as The Month of Britney: “…Baby One More Time,” “I’m A Slave 4 U,” “Gimme More” and “Womanizer” all premiered in September. ‘Tis a blessed season — and this is just the beginning.

To add to the hysteria, Britney Spears, Living Legend, Enchanting Mistress and Sensual Seductress, has just has updated her cover photo.

britney countdown

“15 Days.”

As The Britney Countdown continues, media outlets around the country are officially declaring this to be an “State of Britmergency.” Vanilla candles, Starbucks Strawberry Frappes and vats of cheesy grits are now being imported in bulk to stock up for the event, while both foreign and domestic pop stars have been seen flocking in droves to drug stores and salons to stock up on wig fasteners and glue.

What’s happening on September 17? Hmm. All I know is that she better…



Right, Jean-Baptiste?