Frankmusik Shows MuuMuse Some Love While Getting the Rub Down, Releases ‘Do It In The AM’ Megamix

Oh, that silly ol’ Frankmusik!

The UK electro-pop crooner just took time out of his busy schedule to send over this sweet little MuuMuse shout-out. Looks like we caught the cutie right in the middle of a massage session from some beary hairy men, all while sipping on a fine glass of red. Now ain’t that just the sweetest? I sure hope it was a deep muscle treatment!

Frankmusik – Do It In The AM (Album Mashup) by Interscope Records

Speaking of, Mr. Frank recently unleashed a megamix from his upcoming second studio album Do It In The AM, due out on September 27. Current favorites include “No I.D. (feat. Colette Carr)” (which, funnily enough, is the next single from the album!), “Wrecking Ball” and “Cut Me Down”–but you’ll need to go ahead and have a listen for yourselves from the stream above.

And if you’d like more (MOAH!) of Frankmusik, the singer is just about to kick off a nationwide tour alongside legendary pop duo Erasure on the Tomorrow’s World Tour (along with some club stops along the way!) beginning tomorrow in Tampa.

So go on and have a blast, Mr. Musik! Just don’t get in too much trouble while you’re out on the road…

Do It In The AM will be released on September 27. (iTunes)

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