Daily B: Britney Gives Cool Beans Interview to Ryan Seacrest, Talkativeney Reign Continues


Apparently we need to send Britney on nauseating helicopter rides around the desert more often.

Earlier in the week, our jaws collectively dropped at the Legendary Miss Britney Spears’ unbelievably adorkable interview with Mario Lopez on Extra. Despite the harrowing experience for her Live in Las Vegasney reveal the night before, she was shockingly chatty throughout the clip. She laughed! She smiled! She screamed and shouted and let it all out-ed!

And now, she did it again (REFERENCE).

Earlier this morning, Britney called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to talk about her upcoming residency at Planet Hollywood, working on new music for Album 8 — tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual And A Little More Personal (Raw) — and her current single, “Work Bitch” (or “Work Work,” as you’ll hear on some censored radio stations.)

She had things to say. Lots of them, including but not limited to:

1.) “Hell yeah! This is awesome!”

Britney’s response to a bowl of cheesy grits being brought in by her father? NO — she’s quoting her response to being told “Work Bitch” hit #1 in 35 countries by her manager’s assistant.

2.) “They have insane heels that are out of this world.”

Is The Holy Spearit talking about her new pair of Target wedges? NO — Britney’s talking about Lady Gaga’s stylist, which means she actually knows who she is in this world. The same can’t be said for Ke$ha.

3.) “We’re going to have all the works — snow, water, rain.”

Is Prophetney providing an impromptu weather forecast? NO — she’s talking about the special effects for her Britney Spears: Piece of Me show in Vegas. It sure sounds hot as ice, but will there be cold fiya?

4.) “I have a lot to say — it was really nice to have therapy like that.”

Is Brit Brit talking about her favorite episode of Saved By The Bell? NO — she’s discussing Album 8, her most personal record to date, which includes a lot of stuff about her breakup with Jason Trawick. “Everytime” realness!

5.) “My dance choreographers — they use it. They’re gay, so they’re saying it constantly.”

Is she talking about reciting hymns from the Book of Godney? Well, sort of — she’s talking about coming up with the phrase “Work bitch.” As a tireless LGBT Warrior, Britney is obviously familiar with the popular slang of the gay community, and so she chose to honor us with this formal acknowledgement. #Blessed

6.) “Britney, in this song, you’re not Mommy Britney. You are Nasty Mommy Bitch.”

The solid motivational speech from The Gay Choreographers.

7.) “When you’re out and about in your day, you want to have a good time.”

Britney’s explaining the success of “Work Bitch” — and subtly promoting her BFF Paris Hilton‘s upcoming single “Good Time” because she is a good friend.

8.) “Sex. Power. Love. Friends.”

Is Godney quoting a Natalia Kills song? NO — she’s discussing the pillars of her iconic Spearitual discography.


The calm, zen-like mental state of Britney Spears Inside A Helicopter.

10.) “Cool. Cool beans.”

Britney Shocked

Lucidney. Engagedney. Verboseney. Goofyney.

Considering the last time she spoke to Ryan Seacrest, she was pouring out Christmas-scented potpourri into a bowl and supplying monotone one-word responses about her Smurfs 2 soundtrack anthem “Ooh La La,” this is a considerable 180 degrees — and I’m caught in between (REFERENCE).

(Radio rip via Breatheheavy)

“Work Bitch” was released on September 16. (iTunes)

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