The Legendary Miss Britney Spears just dropped the already iconic cover art for her upcoming single, “Work Bitch” — and a few choice Spearitual lyrics to boot. (“Call the Po-Lice / Go call the governor,” of course, doubles as a reference to the current New York City mayoral election. #Politicalney)


As one can plainly see, Godney is looking (drop dead) beautiful and giving signs that I recognize (REFERENCE), hinting at her upcoming Las Vegas stint both with the Vegas sign on her lighted vanity and her showgirl get-up — complete with feather boa. There also appears to be a crown, reaffirming her status as the Pop Princess-turned-Queen of Pop.

Britney loves a good feather boa. See also…


“If U Seek Amy” on the Circus Tour, and…


The Femme Fatale album cover.


She also really likes staring at the girl in the mirror (REFERENCE).


And thinkin’ about you in the mirror (REFERENCE)…


But mostly, she just really loves this photo from Elle back in October of 2012.

And so, the Holy Spearit did declare unto the lesser-basics: “Y,all, let’s just do it again — but from a more urban angle!” And it was done.

Are you ready to work, bitch?

“Work Bitch” will be released on September 17. (iTunes)